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Croc’s Playcentre

As of April 2014, Croc’s Playcentres have had an exclusive licence with Muffin Break. Each new Croc’s Playcentre will now include a Muffin Break bakery café, delivering two great brands in one franchise package.

Croc’s Playcentres were established in 2008 by Lawrence Cusdin and Brett Aldons. They both have young children and were dismayed at the quality of the children’s playcentres they visited – aging equipment, dirty bathrooms and low quality food and dismal coffee. They knew it could be better and built a business that delivers on what they wanted for their own children. The pair decided to team up with Muffin Break to bring a premium cafe bakery experience to a kids playcentre. The concept is being met with great success and is expanding across Australia!

Brett Aldons, Director of Croc’s Playcentres said, “Having a branded bakery cafe within a children’s playcentre is a huge positive within an industry which has traditionally provided low quality food and service standards. We searched for a brand with both the personality and fit with our current customers demographic and values. Muffin Break was the perfect cultural and quality fit.”

Serge Infanti Managing Director of Foodco, adds, “We’re excited at the opportunity to work with a dynamic channel leader like Croc’s Playcentres. It allows us to be part of the growth in leisure centres, creating a home away from home for the family and the perfect place for mum to entertain her kids whilst enjoying some quiet time.”

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